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Ariana Grande’s postpones ‘Wicked’ production



Ariana Grande’s

Ariana Grande’s involvement in the production of “Wicked” has faced another delay.

Ariana Grande’s

Cynthia, set to portray the evil witch Elphaba in the film, fell ill just before the scheduled filming of “Defying Gravity,” the musical’s spectacular finale. This unforeseen circumstance forced a complete restart of production.

Ariana, cast as Glinda, the good witch, had to travel to the UK to reshoot the scenes. However, she had to extend her stay, awaiting Cynthia’s recovery.

According to a source, “The majority of Wicked was shot earlier last year, but it was shut down in July because of the actors’ strike, which was frustrating because they only had days left to go of the production.”

“Awkwardly, though, it was arguably the biggest scene in the whole thing that had been left until last – Defying Gravity.”


“The centre-piece of the musical, when Cynthia fell ill, the producers and director decided they had to pause filming once again. It has to be really powerful, and she couldn’t do it justice when she was sick.”

“Thankfully she recovered, and it was finally shot last week. Now there’s just a rush to get everything else finished in time for the first film’s release.”

The first part of the two-part adaptation is scheduled for a November release, with the second part following a year later. Despite the challenges and delays, the filmmakers are committed to doing justice to the decades-long process of bringing the beloved musical to the big screen.


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