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Beach Expert Tips for Aussies This Summer



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Hot Beach Etiquette Tips for the Summer Season in Australia!


As scorching temperatures sweep across Australia, beachgoers are flocking to the shores, turning sandy spaces into hot commodities well before summer hits. With Sydney setting the scene for the upcoming beach rush, it’s time to brush up on your beach etiquette. NCA NewsWire has consulted etiquette expert Anna Musson to guide you through the do’s and don’ts of beach behavior this summer.

1. Towel Territory Tactics:
Securing your spot in the sand is an art. In crowded conditions, it’s acceptable to inch a bit closer than usual, but use the “text rule” – if you can read their texts, you’re too close. When in doubt, make eye contact and politely ask if it’s okay to share the shade under a tree.

2. Tackling Tiny Terrors:
Confronting unruly children at the beach requires finesse. Address older kids directly, but for the younger ones, tactfully speak to their parents about any concerns. If in doubt, consider relocating to a different area of the beach – after all, it’s a public space where stress relief sometimes takes priority over parenting.

3. PDA Protocols:
Couples, take note – public displays of affection (PDA) have a time and place. Choose your moment wisely, especially if families are nearby. Keep it subtle, and the same goes for public nudity. Yes, it’s a public beach, but discretion, sunscreen, and mindful selection of location and time are key.


4. Harmonious Beach Beats:
Playing music at the beach is acceptable, but with some caveats. Opt for non-offensive tunes and avoid niche genres that might not suit everyone. Top 40 hits or chill tunes are generally safe choices. Always be ready to turn the volume down if asked, and remember to read the room before hitting play.

5. Paddleboarding Presence:
Bringing a paddleboard to a busy beach is doable, according to Musson. However, exercise caution and be conscious of others. Choose your entry and exit points wisely, especially around children, and steer clear of the red and yellow flags. Respectful paddleboarding ensures everyone enjoys their beach experience.

6. Foodie Freedom:
Embrace the Australian tradition of beachside barbecues, but with a friendly twist. As a public space, everyone can bring their favorite foods. If someone sets up a tantalizing spread nearby, don’t get upset – join the feast! Expressing enthusiasm might even score you a plate, turning an unexpected buffet into a delightful beachside experience.

This summer, follow these etiquette tips to ensure a sizzling time at the beach without stepping on anyone’s sandy toes!




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