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Cigarette smoking and its adverse effects on human health

smoking and its adverse effects

Written By Bisma Sajjad

Harmful effects of smoking are publicized around the world, yet people are reluctant to give up the habit. Countless books and articles have been written against smoking, medical researches have been published, and governments have imposed heavy taxes, but all in vain.

According to a Report by “WHO” world health organization, “Six million people worldwide die because of smoking annually . More than six million of whom do not smoke themselves but suffer from its smoke due to its presence in the air. More than one billion people around the world who smoke, 80% of whom belong to developing countries”.
The rate of smoking in Pakistan, India, Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia is increasing rapidly and the main reason for this increase is the young generation of these countries.
In developed countries, 60% of Japanese and Chinese men are involved in the habit of smoking. 12% of women are involve smoking , 1million children are also involve in smoking and this number is increasing day by day . After every six seconds one person is embracing death due to cigarette smoking.

How a man become addict?

Nicotine in tobacco increases the levels of brain chemicals such as dopamine and androfine, which leads to addiction.
These chemicals awaken the senses of pleasure or joy which makes the body begin to demand tobacco products.
Abandoning, these habits becomes very difficult for any person as deficiency of nicotine in the body begins to lack mental attention with anxiety, anxiety , tension and depression.

Effects of smoking on body organs:
Smoking begins to damage various organs of the body with the passage of time and the victims do not know the damage they have suffered for many years, and by the time these losses begin to become apparent, the body is completely addicted to tobacco addiction and it becomes very difficult to get rid of it.

According to the
research, there are about 4,000 chemicals in tobacco and its smoke, which have been found to be very harmful to human health, and there are more than 50 chemicals that can cause cancer.
Smoking causes respiratory diseases, including Bronchitis and Emphysema.
In Emphysema there is increase of air in lungs this causes severe breathing problem and infection i.e pneumonia In this condition the lung tissue ruptures causing severe cough and asthma symptoms to the patient.
Smoking greatly increases the risk of heart attack. A cigarette smoker is twice as likely to have heart disease as are normal people. Tobacco smoke causes hardening of the blood vessels, thus stopping the blood supply to the heart muscles that causes a heart attack. Smoking also reduces blood supply to the brain and causes hemorrhagic stroke (stroke hemorrhagic) in which the blood vessels in the brain explode.
Smoking causes the most serious and dangerous damage to the lungs, about 99% of people suffering from lung diseases are current or former smokers. The more you smoke, the more you have risk of having lung cancer. Women who smoke cigarettes are also likely to have breast cancer. Similarly, cigarette and smoking causes mouth, throat, food tract cancer, stomach, liver, bladder, pancreas and kidney cancer. Like a cigarette smoker, his family members and colleagues also get affected and the risk of these diseases is greatly increased due to cigarette smoke. If it comes to smoking, it is not only a threat to its life, but it also damages the health of others.

Smoking is not pride, it’s harmful for health, but despite of its implications, a large number of smokers have been found in our society even educated people, such as lawyers, doctors, journalists, police officers and engineers, are not only the smokers but are also becoming a source of smoking.
Our life , our body is so valuable we have no idea of its value. To live a healthy life, we must pledge that we will always refuse to offer cigarettes and smokers will make a serious effort to abandon the habit of smoking so that they can live a happy and healthy life.


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