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Brazilian Model Faces Arrest for Topless Dog Walk



Topless Dog Walk

Brazilian Model

Caroline Werner, a Brazilian bikini model, is speaking out against what she perceives as “double standards” in her country after being arrested for walking her dog topless. The 37-year-old, potentially facing up to a year in jail, criticizes Brazil’s “patriarchal, violent culture” for penalizing her while allowing men to go shirtless without consequences.


Werner, a business owner, alleges mistreatment by the police, claiming she was “roughed up” and chained to her prison cell bars by the Municipal Guard in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina. Expressing frustration, she questions why she should face repercussions for an action that men can do freely. Despite constitutional assurances of gender equality, Werner contends that practical implementation falls short.

“In my country, even though the Constitution ensures gender equality, in practice, this does not happen,” says Werner. “I cannot have the same freedom and feel coerced by this repressive interpretation of the law. What should be natural for both genders ends up being denied to one of them in an arbitrary and repressive manner.

Ms. Werner recounted that her decision to go shirtless while walking her dogs was a casual choice after spending a day at the beach. However, her leisurely stroll took an unexpected turn when approached by officers who promptly arrested her. Transported to a police station, she was handed a blouse to cover her breasts.


The model alleged a violation of her due process rights, asserting that law enforcement hindered her from contacting friends or a lawyer. Describing her ordeal at the police station, she stated, “When I arrived, they ushered me into a dimly lit cell, where I was handcuffed to the cell railing, without the ability to communicate with family, friends, or a lawyer. Despite my requests, I was repeatedly denied the right to speak to my lawyer.”

Expressing astonishment, Ms. Werner highlighted that in her global travels, going topless in public had never posed any issues. The unexpected detention for such an act in Brazil left her taken aback.


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