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I am not a monster,Dakota Johnson



Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson recently revisited statements she made last month regarding her sleep patterns.

Dakota Johnson

While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Monday, the Fifty Shades actress reflected on her December interview with The Wall Street Journal. In that interview, Dakota had mentioned her ability to comfortably sleep for 14 hours a night, sparking a social media discussion on the ideal daily sleep duration.

However, during her conversation with Jimmy, the Madame Web star clarified, “I mentioned I could easily sleep for 14 hours, but it’s not a demand on my part.”

She emphasized, “I’m not a monster. Why criticize sleep? Let me be. I’m just enjoying my rest.”

The Persuasion actress highlighted that she achieves extended sleep without resorting to sedatives, humorously adding, “If I took an Ambien, I might wake up next year.”


Dakota had previously shared, “Sleep is my top priority in life,” a statement that gained attention on social media platforms, with some applauding her for addressing the importance of sleep on X (formerly known as Twitter), while others criticized her as “lazy.”

It’s worth noting that excessive sleep can contribute to various health issues, including type 2 diabetes, depression, and obesity, according to John Hopkins Medicine.

Interestingly, sleep scientist Roy Raymann pointed out in a 2021 Business Insider interview that oversleeping varies from person to person. He noted, “If you consistently sleep more than nine hours a day and still experience daytime fatigue, you may be oversleeping.

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