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Exploring Danna – Beautiful Village of Gurez (Gurais) Neelum Valley

Exploring Danna
Writer: Abdul Wajid Farooqi

By the way, Allah almighty has made the Whole World very Beautiful.There is no Wisdom in everything created by Allah.

The Region of South Asia, which has the title of Paradise in Beauty, which is known as Kashmir as the whole world.
Kashmir, which gives its Color, Beauty, Lakes, Waterfalls, Conversation, Mountains, Masterpiece and the feeling of Heaven in the World, Still does not Present its view in Beauty.
Kashmir has been Blessed by Allah almighty with all kinds of Blessings.Who says that it is known here. But as the word Beauty is Actually Meaningful, it is clear from the Sight of the Scenes here. The Number of People is giving Kashmir all kinds of Views. That is why the large number of People turn to Azad Kashmir for fun. There is hardly anyone whose Heart does not want to be fun.
Azad Kashmir, Especially Neelam Valley, has many Places that are very Popular due to Tourism. Such as: Sharda, Baboon, Ratti Gali lake, Kel, Arang Kel, Jumghar Waterfall, Taobatt etc.
There are some Places in Azad Kashmir that are on Example in Beauty, but they are deprived of Tourism. So far, a Tourist may have turned to this Place. One of these Villages is “Danna”. This Charming village of Azad Kashmir is located in the Gurais (Gurez) Valley of Neelam Valley, which is located at least Seven Thousand (7000) feet above the sea.Which is located at a distance of three and a half Kilometers from the Road. It is located at a Distance of 250 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. The journey from kel to Danna is three to four hours, which is up to 20 Kilometers.
There are two parts of this village “Danna” consisting of 200 houses. One part is called Danna Janwai, while the second part is known as Danna Phullawai.The special thing is that this Village is also the birth Place of Martyrs and Heros. There is a Primary School and two Mosques in this Village Deprived of Basic Facilities.Due to the Beautiful Scenes, Charming and Beautiful Views, the local People here are unhappy to get away from this Village. This Village is located on the Line of Control (LOC). In front of the Village, Pakistan and India’s posts and bankers clean Let’s see.
Three languages are spoken in this whole Village. One Hindko, the other Shina and the third Gojri.
The Journey from Kel to Danna is Definitely the best Journey in the World in terms of your Charming Natural Beauty, which will Surprise you. This route brings Beautiful Villages like Machal, Jumghar, Chicharmano (Rehmanabad), Jander Seri, Doga, Janwai with Wooden Houses, Charming Views, Natural Waterfalls and Colorful Flowers.
A Roaring River, a Grass-filled field, a Forested Mountain eventually makes one realize that sometimes the Journey is more important than the Destination.
The people of Danna Janwai Perform their duties of Holy Worship (Friday-Eid) and to Achieve the items of Foods, while the People of Danna Phullawai turn to the Mosques and Markets of Phullawai.
Due to the Height, Danna has more Snow than other Villages, due to which the Village is twelve months of the year.
Due to the snow in the winter, the life here is very difficult, most of the people here turn to Islamabad and Muzaffarabad in the Winter Season. Due to lack of Hospital facilities, patients face a lot of difficulty in taking medical aid and to the hospital, due to which often the patient reaches to God before reaching the Hospital.
There is a local network SCOM service in Danna. The local people here earn a living by Working Hard, Building Houses, Sheep Goats, and Selling Wood. Some people turn to different cities of Pakistan for Employment.
There is a need to Promote Education and skills to improve the conditions of the people here, so that they can move towards development by getting good job Opportunities.

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