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Marriyum holds Imran responsible for rupee’s freefall

Marriyum Aurangzeb

LONDON, : Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that former prime minister Imran Khan is responsible for the freefall of the Pakistani currency as he has brought Pakistan on the verge of economic disaster.

Ms Aurangzeb was reacting to the tweets posted by former information minister and PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry.

In his tweet, Fawad Ch said: “The whole so-called government is sitting in London. Here the rupee has gone to Rs 193 per dollar. There is no government in the country. Water is not available in Punjab. Kharif crops are being destroyed. Stop this joke “

In another tweet, Fawad Ch said: “Rupee at all time low Rs193/$ (from Rs178/ on 8March); Interest rates at 15% highest since 1998; stock market down 3,000 pts or 6.4%; stock market lost Rs604 billion capitalisation; Inflation 13.4% highest since Jan 2020. Reflects lowest ever confidence in Imported government.”

Giving her reaction to Chaudhry’s tweets, Ms Aurangzeb said that it was Imran Sahib who sealed the agreement with the IMF. The poor people are bearing the brunt of this agreement in the shape of skyrocketing inflation, she added.

Ms Aurangzeb reminded the former premier that to put the country’s economy and public interest at stake was tantamount to treason.

She held Imran Khan responsible for the continuous slide of Pakistani rupee, saying that it was former premier who pushed the country into economic swamp.

The information minister also lashed out at Imran Khan for political instability prevalent in the country these days. She deplored that in order to save his failed politics, Imran froze the POL prices thus causing irreparable loss to the country’s exchequer.

“Imran has mounted on a container to conceal his anti-economy crimes,” Ms Aurangzeb alleged adding that Imran should not raise a den, rather he should answer the people regarding inflation which his government had unleashed in the country.

Separately, PML-N leader Javed Latif said that the objective of Imran Khan was to weaken the country’s economy and state institutions.

“What Imran Khan is saying these days, it is not good for Pakistan,” Latif said adding that the former PTI premier was trying to flare up civil war in the country.

He said the government was not afraid of general elections but ‘we first want election reforms before polls’.

The PML-N leader was of the view that nobody could bring forth change by holding public rallies. He said that the government was cleansing the dirt of the last four years created by the PTI government.

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