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Gerrit Storm Ravages Manchester



Gerrit Storm Ravages Manchester

Gerrit Storm Ravages Manchester
manchester :Storm Gerrit’s rampage has plunged thousands into darkness, wreaking havoc across England and Scotland, while over 100 homes fell victim to a reported ‘tornado.’

Overnight, Storm Gerrit, labeled a ‘tornado,’ wreaked havoc in Manchester, causing extensive damage to approximately 100 homes. As post-Christmas travelers strive to return home, they face heightened challenges due to the aftermath of the storm. With 80mph gales, relentless rain, and snow disrupting various modes of transportation, including roads, railways, and planes, Brits are grappling with prolonged travel chaos. The widespread impact of Gerrit’s fury continues to unfold, creating additional complications for those navigating their way home after the holiday season.

Gerrit Storm

Overnight, ‘freak winds’ mercilessly tore apart roofs in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, as the storm unleashed gusts exceeding 80mph in the northern regions. Britain’s transportation network faced chaos with blocked roads and railways due to fallen trees and flooding, resulting in widespread train cancellations as post-Christmas travelers sought to journey home.

Storm Girt left thousands of people without electricity after causing havoc in England and Scotland, while more than 100 homes were destroyed by the ‘storm’.

“Strange winds” blew roofs off Greater Manchester’s steel tower as the storm lashed northern parts of the country with gusts of more than 80mph.


The weather system has also wreaked havoc on Britain’s transport system, with fallen trees and flooding blocking roads and rail lines, causing widespread train cancellations as people go home after Christmas are trying

Heathrow experienced flight cancellations due to turbulent conditions, prompting air traffic control to impose restrictions on routes between UK airports and European destinations. Numerous flood alerts and warnings now dot England following heavy rainfall.

Recently, residents in Cupar, Scotland, were compelled to evacuate their homes due to cascading water, underscoring the widespread impact of the adverse weather conditions.

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