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“Giuffre’s Revelations: Second ‘Prince,’ Clinton Sightings on ‘Pedophile Island'”




Newly disclosed documents reveal that Virginia Roberts Giuffre, described as Jeffrey Epstein’s “slave,” engaged in sexual activity with another individual referred to as a “prince” in France.


In addition, Giuffre asserted that she witnessed Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein’s island on two occasions, despite the vehement denial by the former president, who insists he never visited the island.

While she did not allege any sexual involvement with Clinton, Giuffre contended that the former president was aware of Epstein’s exploitation of minors.


Giuffre gained notoriety for alleging that she was exploited by disgraced Prince Andrew, but she also claimed to have engaged in sexual activity with another individual referred to as a “prince” under Epstein’s direction, as detailed in a 2016 deposition for a legal case.


During her Florida lawsuit against Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s former lawyer, defense attorney Mary Borja questioned Giuffre about other world leaders she may have been sexually trafficked to.

“Prince Andrew for one,” Giuffre responded, further stating that she was introduced to another person “as a prince.”

Now 40, Giuffre, who asserted that she was recruited as a teenager and exploited by Epstein and his associates, admitted she didn’t know the prince’s name or his country of origin but noted that “he did speak [a] foreign tongue” and spoke English well.

Giuffre recounted meeting the supposed royal at a large party in the South of France in 2001 when she was 17, emphasizing that Epstein and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell were aware that she was being sex-trafficked to the prince.



“They were present before the intimate encounter, and then I engaged in the activity with him alone, following Epstein and Ghislaine’s instructions,” she testified.

This revelation surfaced as part of the latest set of newly unredacted documents released by the courts in connection to the Epstein case, with Tuesday’s collection reported to be the final batch.

Giuffre also asserted that she had witnessed Bill Clinton on Epstein’s infamous Caribbean island, Little St. James, on two occasions.

While Clinton has acknowledged flying on Epstein’s plane multiple times, he has consistently denied ever visiting the island, locally known as “pedophile island.”

Giuffre did not level any accusations against Clinton, but another Epstein accuser, Johana Sjoberg, stated in a 2016 deposition that Epstein once informed her that the 42nd president “likes them young.”







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