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Joanne Perry. Facebook Mum stabbed to death by daughter



A woman has been identified after being stabbed by her daughter, who allegedly tried to set her on fire.

Joan Perry, 53, died Friday evening after being stabbed multiple times in the neck and chest, according to the Herald Sun.

Officers were called to Kate St in Lower Plenty at around 6.30pm on Friday after reports a 26-year-old woman was trying to set her mother on fire.

Upon arrival, officers reported they were challenged by a small female armed with a knife.

Despite being told to drop the weapon, the 26-year-old continued to stab her mother in the torso and neck.


She was shot by a policeman and died on the spot.

At the time, the 26-year-old was out on bail in an unrelated case.

Acting Superintendent Scott Coulson of Victoria Police said the officer had no choice but to discharge his firearm.

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