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Kate contradicts wild Meghan claim



Kate Middleton

In a surprising twist, the Princess of Wales, Kate, has been silently mastering the art of working from home, a skill she seemingly inherited from her ancestor, Queen Victoria. The 42-year-old royal, recovering from abdominal surgery, has managed to keep a low profile since December, in stark contrast to her sister-in-law Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

Kate contradicts

Meghan and Prince Harry recently launched, a website drawing attention for its resemblance to Barack and Michelle Obama’s site. Meghan’s bio boldly claims her as “one of the most influential women in the world,” citing accolades pre-dating their Netflix venture. However, the couple’s streaming career hit a low, labeled as “grifters” and “losers” by Hollywood figures.

Meghan’s latest move involves a podcasting deal with Lemonada Media, a significant departure from her previous Spotify contract. This shift has sparked speculation about the Sussexes’ diminishing commercial and public value, especially compared to Kate, whose absence has elevated her status.

The scarcity of Kate has highlighted her significance in the future of the monarchy, showcasing her as an invaluable asset. This unintentional lesson in personal economics emphasizes the principles of demand and supply in brand management, setting Kate as a shining example.

The question remains about Harry’s role in the audio content arena. While their initial Spotify deal included both, Meghan’s Lemonada deal makes no mention of the Duke. As Meghan announces a new podcast, the contrast between the couple’s trajectories continues to unfold, leaving observers to ponder the future dynamics of their public presence.


In this evolving royal drama, Kate’s discreet strategy has inadvertently become a study in the delicate balance of fame and relevance, leaving us to wonder how long it will be before business schools incorporate the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as a cautionary tale in brand management courses.

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