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Kelly Clarkson Clarifies Weight Loss Amid Ozempic Speculation



Kelly Clarkson Opens Up

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Significant Weight Loss Through Healthy Lifestyle Choices

In a recent interview for her People Magazine cover story, Kelly Clarkson addressed the buzz surrounding her noticeable weight loss, attributing it to a combination of diet and exercise recommended by her doctor. The Original American Idol dismissed rumors of using the celebrity-favored weight loss drug Ozempic and clarified that she has been diligently following her healthcare professional’s advice.

Clarkson emphasized, “I dropped weight because I’ve been listening to my doctor – a couple of years I didn’t.” The Since U Been Gone singer shared that she maintains a balanced lifestyle, being “really good” with her diet and exercise about 90% of the time while occasionally allowing herself indulgences.

In addition to adopting a protein-based diet, Clarkson has become more physically active, particularly since relocating to New York City. She acknowledged the challenges of city life, stating, “Walking in the city is quite the workout,” reflecting on the move of her talk show to Manhattan after her divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

The singer’s revelation aims to dispel speculations about the use of Ozempic, addressing fans who questioned the rapidity of her weight loss. By candidly sharing her commitment to a healthier lifestyle, Clarkson hopes to inspire others on their fitness journeys.

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