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Lily Gladstone Thrilled by Historic 2024 Oscar Nomination



Oscar Nomination

Lily Gladstone Thrilled by Historic 2024 Oscar Nomination

Lily Gladstone

Lily Gladstone has recently shared her thoughts after making history with her 2024 Oscar nomination in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Earning her first Oscar nomination for her impactful role in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” Lily expressed her overwhelming happiness. Notably, she stands as the first Indigenous American actress to receive a nomination in the Best Actress category.

Reflecting on this milestone, Lily remarked, “It’s incredible, and a significant part of me just wants to say that it shouldn’t have been me. This should have happened so much longer ago.”

Recalling past nominations, Lily mentioned Keisha Castle-Hughes’s nod for “Whale Rider” and how it resonated with her. She said, “That felt so universal and felt so close to my upbringing, to my relationship with my land, with my family, with my father, with my language, all of it. It was incredible to see her representation, and this feels like it’s a true honor.”


Acknowledging the shared significance, Lily emphasized, “I always say this, but it’s not fully mine. It belongs to so many people: the Osage Nation, the Blackfeet Nation, the Nez Perce Nation, every Indigenous actor whose shoulders I stand on.”

In expressing her gratitude, the 37-year-old shared, “It’s circumstantial that I’m the first, and I’m so very grateful.”

However, she confidently asserted, “I just know that I’m not going to be the last, not by a long shot.”

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