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Married At First Sight’s Lauren Dunn finally breaks her silence about ‘husband’ Jono McCullough’s affair with Ellie Dix

Married At First Sight's Lauren Dunn has finally spoken out about her husband's affair with fellow bride Ellie Dix

First Sight’s Married Lauren Dunn has finally opened up about her husband’s affair with fellow bride Ellie Dix.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Australia, Lauren, 32, opened up about her candid impressions of their time together and her feelings about the pair’s new relationship.

In a surprising moment of grace and understanding, Lauren expresses genuine happiness for Juno and Eli.

‘I couldn’t be happier for Juno. “He and I were forced to be together, we didn’t choose each other, and we gave him everything,” Lauren said.


‘I honestly couldn’t be happier that they found love, because Juno and I weren’t in love.’

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