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Meghan and Harry’s secret “split”



Meghan and Harry divorce

In the past year, speculations about a potential rift within the House of Montecito surfaced. Were Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, experiencing smooth sailing?

 Meghan and Harry divorce

Their visibly discontent expressions added fuel to the rumors, with reports suggesting that Harry occasionally sought refuge in a nearby hotel alone. The Telegraph, in May, highlighted concerning signs, stating that “the indications are unfavorable.

Now, fresh news comes from the snowy slopes of Canada, confirming that a big change is about to happen in Sussex – the couple are indeed splitting up. Professionally, it is.

The past week has seen both Harry and Meghan make big announcements, with a new business deal in the bag and a major new TV interview sweeping the globe. However, where these latest developments differed is that each involved only one half of the previously inseparable professional duodenum.

Mark the time, note the date. Harry and Meghan Inc. is officially owned.


First, the hitherto little-known podcast company Lemonada Media made global headlines when it was revealed that Meghan – and only Meghan – had joined their ranks.

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