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Nawaz set to be PM again: BBC



Nawaz set to be PM again

Nawaz set to be PM again: BBC

Nawaz set to be PM again

Pakistan’s former three-time prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, who returned from self-imposed exile last year, is emerging as the leading contender in the upcoming February 8 election, according to BBC News. Despite a history marked by political turbulence, including corruption convictions and a military coup, Sharif is poised for a comeback, with his main rival, former Prime Minister Imran Khan, currently in jail.

Sharif’s political career has been characterized by comebacks. Ousted from his second term in 1999, he returned in 2013, securing a record third term as prime minister. However, his last stint in office, which ended in 2017, was marred by opposition blockades and corruption allegations, leading to his disqualification by the Supreme Court. Subsequent legal battles resulted in a brief imprisonment in 2018, followed by a release on bail for medical treatment in the UK.

Living in exile in London for four years, Sharif returned triumphantly in October 2023. Legal challenges against him have dissipated, and he is now positioned to regain power if his party secures the most votes in the upcoming election. However, public resentment against Sharif and his party, coupled with economic challenges and concerns about the fairness of the vote, pose potential obstacles.

Despite his promises to stabilize the economy, Sharif faces criticism for his party’s role in implementing unpopular economic policies. He has also criticized the judiciary, alleging collusion and claiming to be a victim of “bogus cases.” While the military officially states it doesn’t interfere in politics, Sharif’s legal relief upon returning to Pakistan suggests a potential alignment with the military’s stance.


As the seasoned leader with three premierships to his name, Sharif seeks to present himself as a stabilizing force in Pakistan’s turbulent political landscape. Analysts remain cautious, pointing out the challenges he must navigate, including economic difficulties and skepticism about the fairness of the electoral process

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