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Pakistan eschews bloc politics, General Asim Munir



General Asim Munir

Pakistan rejecting bloc politics, General Asim Munir

General Asim Munir

Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, General Asim Munir, articulated the nation’s foreign relations strategy, emphasizing a commitment to balanced ties and rejecting bloc politics during his official visit to Washington. Speaking to members of US think tanks and media, General Munir highlighted Pakistan’s geopolitical significance and its aspiration to become a connectivity hub and gateway to Central Asia. Stressing the avoidance of bloc politics, he underscored the importance of maintaining balanced relationships with friendly countries.

During discussions on regional security and transnational terrorism, General Munir expressed Pakistan’s desire for a long-term, multi-domain partnership with the US. He reported positive and forward-looking interactions with US political and military leadership, aiming to strengthen bilateral ties.

General Munir reiterated Pakistan’s role as a steadfast force against transnational terrorism, emphasizing the nation’s contributions and sacrifices. He affirmed Pakistan’s commitment to continue the fight against terrorism in line with the people’s aspirations.

Addressing the Kashmir Issue, General Munir asserted the need for its resolution according to the wishes of the people of Kashmir and UN Security Council Resolutions. He emphasized that Kashmir remains an internationally accepted dispute, and unilateral actions cannot alter its nature.


The COAS also called for an immediate end to suffering in Gaza, humanitarian assistance, and the implementation of a two-state solution for enduring peace in the region.


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