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Personality and Education

Personality and Education

حمیرا الیاس

Humera Ilyas


We want to have a charismatic personality,as well as we couple this personality building to a high level of education. Is it so that uneducated people don’t have an attractive personality and vice versa? Let’s discuss it.

What is personality?

Let’s first understand what personality means. Personality in our society is just confined to how we dress up or our external appearance while we roam about, or sit in gatherings. While it’s something beyond our vista or ilk.

Personality is all about the way we think, we behave, we react to things, how we solve problems, how we interact with other members of society. People living in society are having number of traits some of them resemble others some seems different from others, this creates diversity in matures and diversified cultures and living behaviours.

People may have different personalities. Psychologist divide these personalities into five types

·        Neuroticism

·        Extroversion

·        Conscientiousness

·        Agreeableness

·        Openness to experience

Neuroticism personality is characterized by moody behaviours, they are emotionally unstable and very often irritable.

Extroversion T consist of most assertive people and are energetic people. So we can safely say most of leaders are extrovert.

Conscientiousness trait is characterized by foresightedness as well as sensible enough in performing their duties and as an individual responsible persons.

Agreeableness personality is identified by kind, empathetic, and sympathetic nature. These people will agree with wherever other person feels at comfort.

Openness to experience are very inquisitive, thoughtful, ready to take challenges , love to do challenging tasks.

Our personality might be inherit or acquired, the inherit part of or personality trait can’t b changed، but the acquired ones can be changed by interactions with different typed people. Varied thoughts if exchanged sometimes change the personality type if we try to make a conscious effort to change thought pattern

That’s only possible if we are adorning our personality with rightly chosen education.

What does education mean then?

A process of attaining morals, belief systems, skilful learning, honing knowledge and values.

It’s other definition is acquiring knowledge in a systematic way at an institution or in school or university.

Education is an important tool to bring about change on or personality, charisma of our personality increases manifold with an education system that aims at understanding the concepts of social behaviours and work on increased levels of social justice. If an education system fails to incur hear all positive character traits in a person then that system is just producing degree holders only not intellectuals or Learned people.

It’s of utmost importance to understand the difference between an educated person and a degree holder. A literate may not have any degree, but a higher post graduate degree holder could be an illiterate, all depends on grooming of personality while growing up in age.

Unfortunately we have segregated this attainment of values, skills and belief system from our education system. It’s simply aiming at creating degree holders, so where exactly we lost in the thread of educating our generations? That our value system our beliefs were put at stake, that resultantly affected our personality outlooks. Most of curriculum in our education institutes are aiming at cramming of concepts only, that don’t focus on revolutionising the acquired traits of our personality.

Single national curriculum  is being supported all across the country that’s a worthy of step need of the hour, but alongside that it’s important to work on  education related to development of a right personality type too. So that we don’t fall short of leadership in our country in upcoming years.



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