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Read the Quran letter by letter, Will Smith



Hollywood star Will Smith has described the Holy Quran as transparent as a mirror and said that after reading it deeply, misunderstandings are removed.

Read the Quran letter by letter, Will Smith

Recently, during an interview on the ‘Big Time Podcast’ program, Will Smith made a surprising revelation, saying, “The last two years were a difficult time for me, during which I focused on looking for spirituality and I read all the holy books.” Take, this was the period of my life when I wanted to expand my heart as much as possible’.

Will Smith has described the Holy Quran

Will Smith said that “I like simplicity, last year I read the Holy Quran letter by letter, the Quran is very clear and transparent like a mirror”.

When he was asked what he discovered after reading the Holy Quran. On this, Will Smith said that “I wish I could tell you how much Moses is mentioned in the Holy Book, I read about Moses and his experiences in the Qur’an”.

The Hollywood actor said that I was surprised by the number of times Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) is mentioned in the Quran, I was very impressed by the story of Hazrat Musa and his experience.


During the interview, Will Smith revealed that in addition to the Koran, I also read the holy books of Judaism and Christianity and was amazed at how the 3 holy books, the Koran, the Torah and the Bible, are connected to each other, from the Torah to the Bible and then to the Koran. I was surprised that these three are like the same story, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was the father of the Prophets and from his descendants Ishmael (peace be upon him) and Isaac (peace be upon him), it was very beautiful to understand the whole picture of this chain of prophethood.

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