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Sabrina Carpenter reveals her number one sex tip in very raunchy interview



Sabrina Carpenter has opened up about her sex life – amid her new romance with Barry Keoghan.Sabrina Carpenter

The Feathers hitmaker, 24, who was first linked to Saltburn star Barry, 31, in December, opened up about her sex life to Cosmopolitan, telling Cosmopolitan to ‘be smart, use protection’.

She said: ‘I mean, at the end of the day, my whole point is, whatever you do, don’t get pregnant. This is how I live my life. So that’s my sex tip. Be careful. Use protection.’

Starr said that he is considered to be openly sexual, but he is more mature than people think.

He said: “But, in a real way, my advice is: do what you’re most comfortable with. You can be curious and ask questions, but a lot of it is self-learning. Have been. Feel the most comfortable and safe.

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