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Taylor Swift gets slammed



Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift seemed to elicit a varied response following her reaction to Jo Koy’s jest at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards held on Sunday, January 7.

Taylor Swift

As the host of the Beverly Hills ceremony, Jo Koy, 52, made a playful comment regarding Swift’s frequent attendance at Kansas City Chiefs football games in support of her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

“The key distinction between the Golden Globes and the NFL? At the Golden Globes, we get fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift. I swear,” Koy joked. “There’s just more to go to.”

In response, Swift maintained a serious expression and casually sipped her drink, suggesting a hint of offense at the remark.

Observing the moment, fans, particularly Swifties, rallied in support of the Anti-Hero singer.


Amidst the flood of supportive messages, some social media users speculated that Swift might have taken the ostensibly ‘light-hearted’ joke more seriously.

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“She’s dating a football player and is often photographed at his games, so how is highlighting that offensive? Did they recently break up?” questioned one user.

Another commented, “What did she expect? To be off-limits when it comes to jokes or roasting? You signed up for this.”

“His jokes were hilarious, and he only lightly roasted her, yet she couldn’t take it,” one user pointed out. “Maybe she should stay home and wait for the Grammys.”


“Not to be disrespectful to Taylor, but I interpreted this joke more as aimed at the NFL. Maybe I just misunderstood. I feel like the NFL is a bit intrusive for her, but that’s just me,” shared another user.

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