‘Terrifying’: Reality star sues Netflix



A new case has been filed against Netflix, alleging misconduct, imprisonment, and emotional distress behind the scenes of the hit series “Love is Blind.”

Actress Rainey Poché, who starred in the fifth season of “Love is Blind,” has accused herself of being in a forced relationship with a castmate, claiming that they were “hooked” and involved in “amphetamines and alcohol.”

Poché told Variety, “Love is Blind put me through emotional pain like love has never been blind. I felt like a prisoner and received no support when I told the producers that I didn’t feel safe. I tried to cope with those emotions over time and finally realized that I needed to tell what happened. I felt it was right to let all cast members know what they had to endure.”

She added, “I believe that Netflix is trying to silence the misconduct behind the scenes of ‘Love is Blind,’ and speaking the truth is ruining me.”

The lawsuit seeks to void the confidentiality agreements and alleges emotional distress along with violations of various California labor codes against Netflix and the production company, Kinetic Content.


Poché’s attorneys, Brian Freedman and Mark Geragos, told Variety that the reality TV contracts being offered to reality stars are “illegal.”

Freedman stated, “These non-disclosure agreements in the world of reality TV are, in fact, illegal. They are prepared for an illegal purpose and are void as a matter of law. We have dozens of clients ready to speak out against their claims.”

Bethenny Frankel, former star of “The Real Housewives,” recently added this couple to her list of assistance in what she calls the “reckoning of reality TV.

Attorneys Bryan Freedman and Mark Geragos, representing her, asserted to Variety that reality TV contracts offered to stars are on the verge of being “unlawful.”

Freedman stated, “These purported reality TV contracts are essentially unlawful. They are crafted for illicit purposes and are legally null and void. We have numerous clients prepared to assert their grievances.”


Reality TV personality Bethanny Frankel has recently sought the assistance of these attorneys, referring to it as an impending “awakening in the reality TV industry.”

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