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What did Pakistanis watch on YouTube in 2023 ?



Pakistanis watch on YouTube

What did Pakistanis watch on YouTube in 2023 ?

Pakistanis watch on YouTube
In 2023, social media trends in Pakistan took an interesting turn, particularly on YouTube, where Pakistanis spent a considerable amount of time engaging with diverse content.

YouTube Shorts, featuring short-length videos, played a pivotal role in captivating both content creators and the Pakistani audience. This format, tailored for younger viewers seeking informative and entertaining content, significantly contributed to the platform’s popularity.

Despite the daily average of 70 billion views for short-form content, long-form videos continued to resonate with Pakistanis, evident in the substantial screen time dedicated to various content creators. Notably, Geo Television’s “Tere Bin” Episode 57, starring Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali, received overwhelming praise and recognition, securing its position as the most trending video in Pakistan.

Reflecting on the significance of the top trending list, Google’s Regional Director for Pakistan, Farhan Qureshi, highlighted the cultural evolution in the country. He noted a substantial rise in Shorts viewership and the emergence of distinct fan bases around specific content categories like music, dramas, and vlogs.

Qureshi emphasized that content creators are embracing multi-format approaches to explore new genres and audiences. The platform anticipates that this expansion of multi-format content will lead to a more diverse and interesting range of content.


According to YouTube’s statistics, successful content creators who captured the Pakistani audience’s attention included ZAMZAM ELECTRONICS TRADING and Ducky Bhai (Saad ur Rehman). Channels like Sistrology, Maaz Safdar World, and Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets also secured spots on the top creators’ list.

The year 2023 highlighted Pakistan’s enduring passion for music, with several Indian-origin songs, including “Tere Vaaste,” “Kya Loge Tum,” “Zihaal e Miskin,” and Bilal Saeed’s “Udh Di Phiran,” ranking among the top music videos watched by Pakistanis.

In summary, the social media landscape in Pakistan in 2023 showcased a diverse array of content, with YouTube Shorts, long-form videos, and music videos all contributing to the vibrant online experience for Pakistani audiences.

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