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why millions love Swift?



why millions love Swift

why millions love Swift

Aussie pop superstar Taylor Swift is totally smitten, and yet there are still people who don’t understand what all the fuss is about. So how does the Madness of the Era tour compare to Pop Madness shows of the past?

Swift is in the middle of a two-week tour of Australia, playing her three-hour, critically acclaimed show to 96,000 fans a night in Sydney and Melbourne.

For those lucky enough to own tickets to one of the seven shows, there’s no need to explain what it’s all about.

This all seems exorbitant to the unconverted, but for those who have participated in a Swift-like global phenomenon, it’s all part of the fun of fandom.

His fans have spent the equivalent of days glued to their laptops, watching the infinite countdown on the Ticketek portal for hours in the hope that the coveted tickets will turn out.

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