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‘Hero’ student Grace O’Malley-Kumar died protecting friend from killer



Grace O'Malley-Kumar

A tragic incident unfolded in Nottingham as a student lost her life while courageously attempting to shield her friend during a stabbing on their way home from a night out.

Grace O'Malley-Kumar


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Nineteen-year-old Grace O’Malley-Kumar displayed remarkable bravery in her efforts to protect Barnaby Webber from the assailant, Valdo Calocane, who attacked them, as detailed in court proceedings.


On Tuesday, Calocane’s pleas of manslaughter, grounded on diminished responsibility, were acknowledged by the court.

During the altercation, Ms. O’Malley-Kumar engaged in a struggle with Calocane before he turned the violence towards her.

In court, Dr. Sanjoy Kumar, addressing Calocane, expressed admiration for his daughter’s heroic actions and criticized the assailant’s callous behavior. Dr. Kumar stated, “She bravely intervened. She would never leave a friend in adversity. It was not in her nature. She heroically and valiantly fought you. Like a hero, she put herself in harm’s way.”

Regrettably, due to the presence of a weapon wielded by Calocane, Ms. O’Malley-Kumar stood little chance in the confrontation.

Dr. Kumar went on to condemn Calocane, describing him as a “cold, cowardly, and calculating killer” who callously walked away, leaving the young victim lying in the street.


The family of Ms. O’Malley-Kumar expressed pride in her courageous actions during this tragic incident.



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